Thursday, December 16, 2010

Busy Break

It's nice to be done with the semester, but break feels busier than school was.  I'm working with the county Parks and Recreation department, and Amber and I are working on the wedding and making plans to visit family for Christmas.  Oh well, at least I'm not sleeping all day (although that would be nice).

Anyway, I'm going text only today, since I'm a bit sick.  I've been on T for two months as of the 14th, and I can't believe how much has changed already.  My voice has dropped a ton, and I'm experiencing loss of my higher vocal range, accompanied by that oh-so-teenage staple of voice cracking. At 21, it's actually a lot funnier than if I were 13 or 14.  Hair is appearing EVERYWHERE, and what I already had is thickening and getting darker.  Lots of chest hair, and my facial hair is getting thicker and darker, especially on my upper lip (Amber says no mustaches though).  I've got a little bit of growth on my chin and sideburns, but the jawline hair is the last to come in.  I shaved on the 5th or 6th, and I've already got as much growth in a little over a week than I used to get in a month.

My dosage is back on schedule as well, and my doctor and I figured out a 6 week checkup schedule that will make sure I don't run out again. All my hormone levels are vastly different from my pre-T blood work, and I'm not converting the T to estrogen, which means that I can probably increase my dose soon.  I'm also working out regularly now, so I should be seeing some speedier fat redistribution and more muscle mass.

Appetite has curbed a little bit, mostly due to willpower and not having time to eat a ton, although a coworker commented on my sizable lunches (Typically a large sandwich, yogurt, apple, vitamin water, treat and carrots).

Well, that's all for this week.  Next week I'll do an early video and then perhaps some X-mas updates.  I have had conflicts with family before, but they seem to be getting better.  I'll keep everyone posted.

Monday, December 6, 2010

7 weeks!

Sorry for the drought of posts, it's been a hectic couple weeks.  But here is a video log for you!